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9 Best Washing Machine Companies in India 2020

Picking the best brands for washing machines for your home can be a tiring activity. You have a lot of choices accessible in the market. 
We have recorded the top 9 brands in India with the most recent advancements utilized in their best models. 

Here’s The List Of The Best Washing Machine Brands

Bosch And Siemens


LG Electronics is one of the biggest washing machine manufacturers in India with trusted customer service across India. LG is additionally one of the most productive brands as far as washing machines offering, giving a wide scope of fully automatic machines to choose from, going from semi-automatic to fully-automatic, from top-loader to front-loader from fixed speed engine to variable recurrence drive motor.

LG is one of the principal brands to produce the most recent advancements like Inverter Technology and Direct Drive. They have a wide range of inventive items in every budget range.

LG has been one of the manufacturers which have been intelligent in understanding the requirements of Indian shoppers. It continues offering the features in washing machines, such as a double loads, for isolating heavy and light load, allergen expulsion for insurance from dust-borne ailments.

Technology Innovations by LG 

  • Direct Drive Technology: LG Front Load machines don’t utilize conventional belt framework, the motor is legitimately connected to the drum which builds strength and decreases noise. Direct Drive Technology is presently likewise accessible in premium Top Load Washing Machines and Front Loaded Washing Machines. 
  • Inverter Technology: It saves energy by up to 36 %. Inverter technology helps to run the machine at a moderate speed based on the load.
  • Turbo wash 2.0 Drum Technology: Dual bearing turning drum is utilized in Top Load washing machines. For minimizing the entangling of clothes during wash 2 rotating drums are utilized in Turbo wash 2.0.
  • Genuine Balance Technology: It reduces noise and vibrations. 
  • Jet Spray Technology: It uses Jet shower technology to remove detergents during the flush cycle. 
  • 6-D Motion Technology: For a proficient wash it comes with a combination of 6 distinctive wash movements. Tumble, stepping, scrubbing, swing, rolling, and filtration are 6-D motions.
  • Twin wash Technology: LG provides 2 separate drums for washing clothes. The main drum is for washing solid clothes and the small secondary drum is for handkerchiefs, scarfs, inner wears, etc.
  • Rat-Away Technology: LG washing machines come with 3-MM plastic coated with rate/insect replicant powder. 


IFB is one of the other leading brands for washing machines in India which do manufacture fully automatic washing machines. They hold the credit of propelling India’s first Front Load machine. The organization currently has in excess of 330 retail outlets known as IFB points.

IFB, a business set up during the Bengal has made some amazing progress to turn into a prevailing power in the Indian washing machine industry. With over two years of involvement with this sector and prior organizations with presumed worldwide firms like Bosch and Siemens, IFB has an opportunity and produces products with powerful form quality and cleaning solutions at a sensible cost. It’s a savvy Indian brand, spending least on promoting and advertising its items. IFB’s essential image fascination has been for the most part because of informal exposure and repeat buys by the users.

Technology Innovations by IFB 

  • Air bubble wash technology: Air bubbles dive deep inside the texture to evacuate difficult soil. 
  • O2 wash technology: It works for sensitive clothes, wherein the washer produces a huge number of air bubbles that dives deep into the texture to expel out the difficult dirt to give a perfect wash. And the washer powers out all the detergent off the articles of clothing with the goal that the cleaned out garments tell the cleanout of the machine. 
  • Water Energie technology: An Inbuilt gadget stimulates the water which helps in the simpler dissolving of detergents. The fundamental motivation behind Aqua Energie’s innovation is to treat and convert hard water into soft. Models furnished with this innovation have worked in a water filter that separates the bicarbonates in hard water into minutely fine particles. Because of the extremely small size of these, they are effectively expelled by the flow of water.
  • Ball valve technology: This valve reduces detergent wastage during the wash cycle. 
  • Crescent/Bow Moon Drum technology: These exceptional notches on drum forestall harm by giving water pad to clothes. The drum of the IFB clothes washer accompanies the bow/crescent moon structure. Smooth bow grooves on the outside of the drum make a delicate wash pad during the wash cycle with the goal that the sacredness of the material’s texture is protected.
  • 3D wash technology framework utilizes a water shower to enhance wash quality. 
  • The auto-balance technology system identifies lopsided clothes and redistribute them for a reliable wash. The auto-balance would consequently be adjusted the load by redistribution of the clothing components. At long last, there is a Time Delay alternative that permits you to defer the beginning of a wash cycle according to your necessity between 30 minutes to 24 hours.


Samsung is a South Korean brand that has probably the most inventive washing machines in India. As of late Samsung propelled a washing machine with snappy drive innovation that diminished clothing time significantly. New machines additionally accompany Artificial Intelligence-controlled washing

Samsung with its FlexWash configuration is a hybrid, different from the regular front and top loaders. Samsung washing machine offers essential cleaning, but at a top-notch cost. 

Advances used by Samsung 

  • Eco bubble technology: This innovation helps in initiating detergents by utilizing bubbles. This additionally helps in making detergents increasingly efficient at lower water temperatures. 

Eco Bubble is supplemented by Bubble Soak innovation which helps in expelling obstinate stains by altogether absorbing dress rises with only a press of a button. This system doesn’t get excessively hard on the texture as bubbles are delicate commonly which won’t harm the texture of your delicates.

  • Apps for smartphones: You can check issues on the machine utilizing an application intended for ios and android. 

This application permits users to control their Samsung washing machine remotely utilizing the smartphone. It additionally informs the user with the status of the washing machine, regardless of whether it has an issue.

  • Eco Drum Clean Technology consequently informs drum cleaning. Just at one click, the washing machine can clean itself. Drum cleaning is finished utilizing heated water jets.
  • Diamond Drum’s technology works with its delicates and shields harm to clothes.
  • Wobble Technology is utilized in top Load machines which makes a multi-directional stream for a nice and clean result.  


Whirlpool is one of the main home apparatus makers in India. Front Load Machines are designed in Europe to guarantee the best quality. The organization has it’s washing machines across 3800+ towns and urban areas in India. 

This top-notch American brand appeared in 1911. Whirlpool which happens to be the first-historically speaking makers of motor-driven wringer washers has now developed into the world’s biggest home appliance creator. Whirlpool entered Indian shores during the 80s by cooperating with TVs. They produce units in Pondicherry, Pune, and Faridabad, while the headquarter is situated in Gurgaon. Whirlpool’s most recent washing machines have a plethora of features like water stream wash, delicate tumbling wash, sensor-based load to specify a couple.

Technologies in Whirpool Front Loading Washing Machines

  • 6th Sense SoftMove technology: The Machines can change drum movements as per texture type. Diverse wash types are: Energic wash for cotton, Power shower for synthetics, Color shower, Wave movement, Slow movement for delicates, Soft support for Wool. 
  • SteamCare technology: This innovation utilizes steam to remove wrinkles. This innovation additionally helps in keeping clothes microscopic organisms and smell free. 
  • IntelliSense Inverter motor technology: It helps in diminishing vibration, noise, and provides better electric utilization. 

Technologies in Whirlpool Top Load Machines 

  • 360 BloomWash Pro can evacuate up to 40 distinct kinds of stains from clothes. 
  • Catalytic Soak system helps in expelling difficult stains from clothes by absorbing clothes’ dirt using concentrated detergents. 
  • ZPF technology fills the drum quicker even at the low-pressure water supply. 
  • Care Move technology: This Technology utilizes the hot concentrated shower for a front-load like wash quality. 

Bosch And Siemens 

Bosch is a brand known for unrivaled German form quality. It is a Top Brand for Front Loading washing machines in India. In 2015, Bosch acquired the home appliance department of Siemens.

Bosch has kept Siemens as a free sub-brand as opposed to consolidating it. In India, Bosch needs to keep Siemens an urban brand, and spend significant time in providing for metropolitan clients.

Technologies Used in Bosch washing machines 

  • VarioDrum technology: Wave-bead configuration is delicate on clothes. VarioDrum additionally helps in lessening wrinkling by giving your clothing more space to move around. 
  • ActiveWater Plus technology: This optimizes water use utilizing 256 burden detecting levels. 
  • EcoSilent drive technology: This innovation diminishes contact on the motor which assists with efficient energy utilization and furthermore decreases sound and vibration.
  • iDos Detergent utilization Technology: An excess of detergent won’t just exhaust your supply of detergent quicker yet would likewise build the water admission. Since it would require more water to disintegrate. Also, if the detergent does not disintegrate appropriately, buildups of it would stay, which would then cause skin sensitivity and aggravation. Too minimal detergent can cause staining and unsavory smells. To counter this, Bosch has built-in iDOS innovation in its Series 6 and 8 washers. In view of the hardness of water and the level of dirtying in the garments, iDOS intelligently decides the ideal amount of detergent for the ideal wash.


Onida is one of the trusted desi brands which is gradually picking up mileage in washing machines space. Double-digit development in washing machine deals in the confirmation of this. Onida is a brand of Mirch Electronics. For the individuals who are worried about Onida brand quality, I would be astounded to realize that this brand was among the best 30 most confided in Indian brands according to the Brand Trust Report distributed in 2014. Additionally, Onida is just one of only a handful of barely any chosen brands to have won an honor from the Indian government. 

It won the award “Grant for Excellence in Electronics” by the Ministry of Information Technology. Onida gives a wide range of washing machines, from semi-automatic to fully-automated and from top loaders to front loaders.

Technologies in Onida washing machines

Huge and Intelligent LED Display 

The New Onida front load washing machine accompanies a large and brilliant LED display. Other than being a large display, it automatically chooses water filling level and wash cycle type. This choice is made dependent on the measure of the load inside the drum and the quality/sort of fabric inside the machine. 

Fuzzy Logic for Smart Washing Decisions 

Fuzzy Logic is a promising idea, particularly in clothing innovation. Fuzzy logic is a methodology dependent on the level of truth as opposed to the straightforward True or False (1 or 0) Boolean rationale on which the present-day PCs work. 

Compelling Anti-Bacterial Wash 

Microbes can be left inside the clothes because of wasteful washing by the machine. Onida washing machines are fueled with anti-microbes innovation gives clean wash by pulverizing destructive microorganisms. Likewise, they evacuate out any detergent buildup left inside the clothes. 

Drum Clean Technology

Microorganisms living in clothes can be killed with an anti-bacterial wash but what about those perching inside the drum of the washing machine? As a response to this Onida utilizes Drum Clean innovation. What it does is, exactly at the press of the button, it consequently cleans the buildup in the diaphragm through drum purification.


Godrej is an Indian brand that has interests in different regions like gadgets, furniture, and home appliances, FMCG, agribusiness, and security. Godrej Washing Machines are known for unwavering quality and cutting edge innovation. For individuals of any financial level, Godrej offers washing machines that are Top loaded and Front-load in the variants that come in semi-automatic and fully-automatic types. 

The different wash programs just add to the comfort of the users to wash diverse texture types. The tumble wash strategy utilized in the top loaders gives an effective and delicate wash to your pieces of clothing. Besides the standard fomenter drum, Godrej washing machine accompanies remarkable drum plans that guide in washing clothes adequately.

Technologies in Godrej washing machines

ACU Wash Drum 

Godrej washing machine guarantees that your clothes get a decent wash each and every time. On account of its ACU wash drum which has separated shapes that help give your clothes a uniform and amazing wash.

Auto-restart Technology

Outfitted with an auto-restart work, you need not stress over incomplete wash cycles during a power blackout. The machine will continue the wash cycle when the power returns. 

Dynamic Soak Technology 

The auto soak highlight lets you soak your clothes for 20 minutes before the real wash cycle begins. During this time, the pulsator in the machine delicately vibrates your clothes to soften extreme stains and soil. This is a helpful feature for viable stain expulsion. 

I-wash Technology 

I-wash innovation is a creative element that ascertains the necessary time required for a wash cycle. Furnished with 5 wash programs, the machine picks the best alternative that would suit your garments. This one-touch feature helps make washing clothes a breeze.


Panasonic is a built-up Japanese brand which turned 100, a year ago. A small organization that began its business as a bulb attachment maker evolved into a company with more than two lakhs of representatives over the globe. Panasonic is the biggest customer gadget producer from Japan, a nation known for quality. Panasonic offers the total array of washing machines from semi-automatic to Fully-automatic from top loaders to front loaders. 

Technologies in Panasonic washing machines

Dynamic Foam Wash: Smart and Effective Wash 

Panasonic Active Foam wash is a result of long periods of research work of the Japanese tech organization Panasonic. What it does is, from the earliest starting point of the wash cycle it causes the drum to turn with the greatest speed so the cleanser is totally broken down and mixed with the water. A concentrated shower of water is then coordinated on the washing machine load which enters into the clothes fiber so as to take out dirt and stains.

Stain Master Removes the Toughest Stains 

Be it difficult ink stains, dirtied collars or slick stains with Panasonic washing machine fueled by Stain Master can handle everything! The washing machine consequently splashes and cleans with a mix of hot and cold water alongside the froth, so the user doesn’t need to do all the difficult work of washing without anyone else. 

Hexa Cube Drum 

Premium Panasonic front-loaded washing machine accompanies a Hexagon shaped drum which accompanies in excess of 2,000 openings (with a fine width of 0.24 centimeters) through which water is tenderly coordinated onto the texture’s fiber. It guarantees buttons, weaving and other sensitive things appended to the clothes are dealt with tenderly. 

Water Spin Rinse Technology 

Current Panasonic top-loader washing machines accompany Aqua Spin Rinse’s innovation wherein an amazing ‘cascade’ of water enters through the clothing inside the machine. The Aqua Spin Rinse is actualized in two flush cycles: first is shower wash wherein water showers are coordinated on the texture inside the tub which is rotating at fast speeds.


Haier Group is the world-driving brand of significant family unit machines and is presently changing from a customary family apparatus maker into an open stage for business enterprise. In the Internet and post-web based business time, Haier is dedicated to changing into a genuinely arranged organization to construct a biological system of shared inventive and win-win results. With ‘socialnomics’ as the organization’s guide, an establishment in user esteem cooperation, and center intensity of trust, Haier is set to turn into an IT head. 

Advances utilized in Haier washing machines

Dual Magic Filter 

So as to guarantee total cleaning, the machine is outfitted with a double layer build-up filter. This element lets you appreciate total spotless and palatable clothing unfailingly. Wash effortlessly and appreciate the best outcomes. 

Close to Zero Pressure 

Close to Zero means Haier washing machine can work on .001 MPA water pressure. Thus your wash procedure doesn’t stop because of low water pressure. Useful for low water pressure region and low stature of capacity tank. 

Snappy Wash 

The incredible motors are quiet and consistent and help you to spare additional time and vitality. Exceptionally structured element for complete cleaning of clothing in only 15 minutes.


I believe after reading this article you will get full knowledge about the best washing machine companies in India with the advance technology their models have. So on the off chance that you have any inquiries, comment below and we will try to answer it as soon as possible.