Bosch 7 kg WAK24268IN Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine in India
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Bosch 7 kg WAK24268IN Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine Full Specification and Price in India

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Bosch 7 kg WAK24268IN Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Right now, we will examine the features of Bosch Wak24268in while clarifying every single term possible. We will talk about its full specifications, features, and pros cons. After reading this post, you will have full information on Bosch Wak24268 various wash programs and will be ready to check whether its the correct decision for you or not. 

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Specifications of Bosch WAK24268IN 

  • Capacity: 7 kg (It implies that it can wash 7kg of clothing in one wash) 
  • Spin speed (maximum): 1200 rpm. Turn speed relates to how much water will be separated from the laundry. Greater the turn speed better for you.
  • Power Consumption: 0.99 kWh (0.99 kilowatts every hour isn’t awful. Front-loading washing machines utilize less water however have longer wash cycles, these days current Energy Star-appraised models use about 0.5 kilowatts every hour so you might need to think about this. 
  • Noise level washing: 54dB (An awesome performance I’d state.) 
  • Water-Consumption: 47L (Which is incredibly effective in light of the fact that Most high-proficiency washers utilize just 15 to 30 gallons (56.8 to 113.6 L) of water to wash a similar measure of garments as more seasoned washers (29 to 45 gallons for each heap (109.7 to 170 L).) 
  • Measurements/Weight: 85 x 60 x 60 cm/71 KG

Features of Bosch WAK24268IN 

  • ActiveWater: Automatically alters the water level by detecting the heaviness of the clothing and its texture. 
  • AlergyPlus: As indicated by the “AllergyPlus program, which viably diminishes allergenic buildup, for example, dust, your domestic animal hair, and residue parasites at the bit of a button. ” 
  • AntiVibrational Designs: The plan of the washing machine empowers it to diminish the vibrations and subsequently giving it greater soundness. 
  • VarioDrum: It’s worked to pummel the stains and delicate on your clothes. Its propelled water stream framework guarantees that cleanser and water are blended appropriately. The Varioperfect work gets the clothes washed in 20percent lesser power utilization. 
  • EcoPerfect: Reduces power utilization. 
  • SpeedPerfect: It diminishes wash time. 
  • Low Water Pressure: Capable of taking a shot at the low water pressure of 0.3 bar, making it perfect for places where water pressure is an issue.
  • Low Noise Level (Decibel): It makes less commotion as much as 49 decibels as it were. 
  • Child lock feature: Enables to bolt all the keys to keep the setting from being changed by a kid. 

Additionally, it has various wash programs to suit your necessities Super 15’/30′, Monsoon, Sari, Hygiene, Kids Wear, Drum Clean, Synthetics, Daily Wash, Delicate/Silk, Wool. You can become more familiar with them in the Buying Guide of the washing machine you will get by the brand when you purchase the machine.


  • Noise level as low as 49dB
  • Has load detecting feature
  • Least Maintenance required
  • Can wash Heavy covers and bedsheets together and considerably more


  • Better customer support in metro towns only