Washing Machine Buying Guide
Washing Machines

Buying Guide For Washing Machines

A washing machine is a necessity for Indian homes. Let’s learn how to choose the best one for your home.

These days, such a large number of variations are accessible in the market that finding the best one isn’t simple. Our team analysed all available 45 models, from 9 brands and did about 120 hours of research to sort the qualities to look for . Here are the best washing machine companies that we talked about:

Bosch And Siemens

The key elements we have thought about while picking the best features are motor power, warranty, productivity, drying power, sturdiness, and additional frill. 

As we know, there are various types of washing machines available in the market. Instead of telling you what to buy, we analysed each category such as fully-automatic, semi-automatic, front-loaded and top-loaded.

Without a testing instrument, it’s hard to tell the quality and productivity. But, there are a couple of guidelines that you can search for to get a quality washing machine.  

Here’s How To Find The Right Washing Machine

There are a few prime variables without which you can’t call a washing machine effective and good. Down beneath, we have recorded what you need to consider before making a choice to purchase a washing machine.

  1. Capacity
  2. Top Loaded Or Front Loaded
  3. Semi Automatic or Fully Automatic
  4. Wash Programs
  5. Extra Features
  6. Your Budget


Most of the families in India consist of 2-4 people in the household. Where there are joint families the number can vary from 4 to 8. Considering this, as a general rule of thumb, a machine with the capacity of 5-6 kg is useful for a family of 1-4 individuals and for a family of 4-8 individuals 6-8kg capacity of the washing machine is optimal.

Top-loaded vs Front-loaded

Both kinds of loads have various pros and cons. Nonetheless, if you are tight on budget, go for a top-loaded washing machine as it is less expensive than front-loaded washing machines. 

Some interesting features of the top-loaded washing machines are that it is available at a low cost, you can add clothes in the middle of the washing cycle, ergonomically good. On the drawback, they consume more water, power, and have fewer washing programs than the front-loaded washing machine

The front-load is higher in cost and advantages when compared with the top-loaded. Front-load is costly, more efficient , requires less water and provide a better wash quality.

The main issue with a front-loaded washing machine is that it needs a water pressure of 1 bar so you have to ensure that the water supply tank ought to be 16.5 feet range from the washing machine. This is certainly not a significant worry for Indian homes as a large portion of the metropolitan and organization supplies are kept up at this water pressure. 

Along these lines, we suggest you go for a front-loaded washing machine if you have the budget for it since they are beneficial in the long run.

Semi-automatic or Fully-automatic 

A semi-automatic washing machine is more extensive in size. After a wash cycle is finished in a semi-automatic washing machine you have to take out all the clothes and put them into the dryer compartment alongside it. It is a seriously tiring task as the washed clothes are heavy, moreover, it takes a lot of time doing it.

On the contrary, a fully-automatic washing machine doesn’t require human exertion. You simply need to place in the clothes and cleanser, then, the water gets filled, clothes are washed and dried. You will hear an alarm sound after the whole washing process is finished. We prescribe you to go for the fully-automatic washing machines ones on account of their ease of use.

Wash Programs 

A washing machine with a wash program for each sort of texture and each sort of stain is generally a must. We as a family wear an assortment of textures like cotton, woolen, silk, and so forth and not many clothes require light washing and as they are delicate and can be damaged easily. In this way, a washing machine with an assortment of washing programs lets you pick a program according to your necessity and quality of the fabric. 

In the top models of LG, Bosch, and IFB you can discover an assortment of features like an express wash, a good wash, child wash, woolen, cotton, silk, saree, synthetic, sportswear, and so on. These features are very convenient and simple to work. Anyone from your better half to a child can utilize these choices and work the machine without any assistance. Considering wash programs, we prescribe you to go for a washing machine with an assortment of them. 

Extra Features 

A couple of extra features of value washing machines are temperature settings, filters for hard water, water level setting, cleanser setting, select turn, dry, or douse. 

With temperature, you can go from cold to 90 degrees of temperature for making your clothes germ free. A few of the machines have this feature and are in every case great to have it.

The water filter feature is useful for regions where there is a hard water supply. These filters soften the water quality and hence keep your clothes from getting damaged or discolored. 

A couple of different features like water level, auto restart after power failure and inverter technologies should also be kept in mind while making a decision to purchase a washing machine.

Washing Machine Budget

Generally speaking, top loading washing machines are cheaper than their front loading counterparts.

Similarly, fully automatic washing machines are expensive than semi automatic washing machines.

Additionally, Features like inverter technology, smartphone app, silent operation, automatic load detection and addition of water heater increase the cost of a washing machine.