Godrej 6.2 kg WT 620 CFS Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine in India
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Godrej 6.2 kg WT 620 CFS Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Full Specifications and Price in India

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Godrej 6.2 kg WT 620 CFS Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


The Godrej 6.2kg washer is one among the simplest fully automatic top loading washer from Godrej. The washer may be a product you’ll enjoy having in your home. it’s designed with a chrome steel drum which will not rust and can also last long. The 6.2kg washer might not be very big but will do for a family of 4 members.

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The washer features an excellent motor with a maximum speed of 700rpm. The fast spin motor will make your clothes dry faster. This Godrej washer has incredible features that are designed to offer you cleaner and brighter looking clothes.

Features of Godrej 6.2 kg WT 620 CFS Fully-Automatic Top Loading washer

5 Wash Programs

This 6.2kg washer from Godrej comes with 5 wash programs to wash your clothes. you’ll choose any of those wash programs regardless of what sort of fabric you’re washing. This washer is going to be gentle on your clothes while delivering quality wash.

Active Soak

There are some stains that are quite difficult to urge off and wish extra care. This washer allows you to soak them in your detergent using an inbuilt soak timer. you’ll soak your clothes anytime between 5 to eight minutes to urge the stains completely removed.

Acu Wash

This washer will scrub your clothes clean as its drum is meant with big and little equally spaced contours.

Auto Restart

The washer will immediately continue from where it stopped if you experience an influence failure. You won’t get to start the washing process everywhere again when your power is restored.

Child Lock

Godrej also included child lock on this washer so your wash settings won’t be tampered with.

iWash Technology

The washer features a button that comes with four automatic processes. once you press this button, it calculates, soaks your clothes, washes them and dries them.

Toughened Glass

The washer features a glass lid that’s very strong and doesn’t scratch. it’s durable and also shock resistant. The transparent glass lid allows you to ascertain inside the bathtub .

Turbo Pulsator

This washer uses a turbo pulsator technology which has 6 ridges that make enough water pressure for your clothes to urge thoroughly washed.


  • Fast Spin
  • Portable washing machine
  • Deep Cleaning


  • Not have a digital display screen