Full SpecifGodrej 6 kg WT 600 C Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Full Specifications and Price in Indiaications and Price
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Godrej 6 kg WT 600 C Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Full Specifications and Price in India

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Godrej 6 kg WT 600 C Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Godrej’s 6.0 kg fully automatic washer features a lot of features that are impossible to miss. This compact size washer comes with functions that provide premium quality washing. it’s an easy design and is extremely easy to work. The washer has indicators that are there to allow you to know what to try to.

For instance, it’s an indicator that monitors once you apply detergents to the garments that are loaded. this may assist you to manage your detergent and not use an excessive amount of to scrub your clothes. The motor of the washer features a maximum speed of 660rpm which can be fine for drying your clothes.

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Features Godrej 6 kg WT 600 C Fully-Automatic Top Loading washer

Aquajet Pulsator

This pulsator generates strong turbulence that permits better scrubbing for your clothes. you’ll make certain to possess clean clothes at the top of the washing cycle.

Cascade Waterfall

This Godrej washer comes with the unique waterfall technology that makes a cascade effect. The water flows from each side of the drum then the dirty water flushes out even as the freshwater is coming in.

Gravity Drum

The gravity drum design is great because it aids the movement of your clothes within the washer. It finishes up giving your clothes a five-way wash in order that all the garments loaded within the washer are thoroughly scrubbed. This unique drum removes stains from your clothes.

Delay Start

This feature allows you to line the washer timer to a later time. you’ll select any time a minimum of up to 23 hours. Even once you aren’t round the washer, it’ll begin its washing process.


The pre-soak function is for garments that have tons of stains or dirt. you’ll get to soak to them within the tub for up to a half-hour before the washer begins to scrub them. you’ll select the soak time counting on how difficult the stains are.

Detergent Indicator

When you are adding the detergent to the garments, the washer will immediately notify you about the number to be added to the garments for laundry.

Cloth Load Indicator

This is another sensor included during this washer that indicates the load of the garments that are loaded. you’ll be ready to view it on the alphanumeric display. The washer allows you to know the proper amount of garments that should be loaded with.

Tub Clean

The washer features a self-cleaning feature that automatically runs to makes sure that each one residues are far away from the bathtub.


  • Magic Filter
  • Anti-Rust Cabinet
  • Soft Shut Wash lid


  • Machine might wobble