Godrej 8 KG WS 800 PD Semi-automatic Washing Machine
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Godrej 8 KG WS 800 PD Semi-automatic Washing Machine Full Specifications and Price in India

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Godrej 8 KG WS 800 PD Semi-automatic Washing Machine

The Godrej WS 800 PDS washer is one among the simplest within the market. It comes at a really affordable price and is durable. This Godrej washer comes with very unique features that make it an excellent washer to shop for.

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The entire body is rust free and it’s the sole brand that features a chrome steel drum during a semi-automatic washer. The motor features a very high watt capacity of up to 570 watts which is above most washing machines within its category especially since all of them fall within 350 watts. The powerful motor will make sure that your clothes are thoroughly cleaned.

Features of Godrej 8 KG WS 800 PD Semi-automatic washer

This washer features a very compact instrument panel area that has just three buttons which are the wash program, wash timer and therefore the spin timer.

Glass Lid

The washer is formed from plastic but it also features a tough glass lid that permits you to ascertain inside the washer. The glass lid is formed with hydraulic control so it doesn’t get damaged or slammed when it’s closed. The glass can take heavyweight objects of up to 120kg thereon without breaking.


The washer is meant to last and comes with a full-body warranty for up to 2 years. The motor, however, features a five-year warranty.

Active Soak

The active soak feature allows you to soak your clothes for a couple of minutes to melt the dirt thereon before the washer begins its washing cycle.

Trio Scrub Pulsator

This unique technology makes the machine wash your clothes better to offer you clean and fresh-looking clothes.

Spin Shower

This special rinse feature makes sure that the water mixes properly in your clothes to get rid of every detergent residue from your fabrics.

Aquajet Pulsator

The washer also has an aquajet pulsator that makes turbulence through water flow pressure to maneuver your clothes around in order that they can brush gently against one another to get rid of dirt.


  • 5 years motor warranty
  • Aquajet Pulsator
  • Trio Scrub Pulsator


  • The washing machine does not come with a child lock function