IFB 7.5 kg Elite Plus Vx ID Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing
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IFB 7.5 kg Elite Plus Vx ID Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine Full Specifications and Price in India

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IFB 7.5 kg Elite Plus Vx ID Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

A front-load washing machine that utilizes a predominant Air Bubble Wash System which initially makes and then discharges upset air bubbles into the water stream framework to convey a decent cleaning activity. These air bubbles activate detergent particles and lead them to penetrate even into Lenin fiber to dispose of grease, oil, and dirt there. 

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Aqua energie framework to treat hard water: If a zone is having the supplied of hard water, utilizing the IFB Elite Plus Vx ID washing machine may simply the correct solution for it works by mixing a good Aqua Energie System that treats hard water. The framework recognizes and changes the bicarbonates in water into crystals. The treated delicate water at that point permits the detergent to break down appropriately and washes the clothes with care. 

3D wash framework: The washing machine utilizes nozzles to rotate the water 360 degrees around the drum. This clears a path for the detergent to break up into the water all the more effectively and penetrating into the clothes further for a productive wash. 

Crescent moon drum for securing the clothes: The crescent moon molded drum of the washing machine curves the water up in a swoosh design and keeps the clothes from getting scoured against the steel part of the drum. Any incidental tearing of the clothes is prevented by this component. 

Froth control framework for a superior wash: The washing machine comes with excesses froth control framework that determines the excesses froth, and neutralize them automatically.
Tub Clean technology for a high sterile wash: The tub clean controls the development of microbes, bacterias, and different germs, and takes out all the dirt from the washing machine. This component also takes out different sorts of terrible smells and freshens up the machine just like a new washer.


  • It comes with in-built heater
  • It has a child lock feature
  • It comes with 4-years of product warranty


  • Utilizes a high amount of water