IFB 7 kg TL-SGDG Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
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IFB 7 kg TL-SGDG Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Full Specifications and Price in India

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IFB 7 kg TL-SGDG Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

The IFB 7 kg TL-SDG washing machine has a  number of functions and is an item that offers the most recent innovation in washing. It has a mix of 8 wash projects to give you impeccably clean clothes.

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The 7kg washing machine has a Cresent molded drum that gives you more extensive access to stack your clothes. You can likewise utilize the top load framework to deliberately put your clothes in the drum. 

8 Wash Programs 

The washing machine is structured with 8 wash programs to think about a wide range of clothes. It likewise has temperature settings you can control to manage the washing temperature and furthermore 10 water level settings to look over. The temperature settings, yet, are not associated with any in-built heater yet rather it has two inlet pipes that you can interface with your home’s hot water supply. 

Auto Softener Dispenser 

It additionally has a different compartment for your cleansing agent. You can add your conditioner to the auto conditioner distributor for your clothes. 

Aqua Energie 

The washing machine likewise has a water energie framework that helps your cleanser break up effectively and blend appropriately with your clothes. 

Water Spa 

The water spa work cooperates with the Triadic Pulsator innovation to delicately expel soil from your clothes without hurting your textures. 

Profound Cleaning 

You will have the option to get extreme stains out with the assistance of the delicate scour cushions and the incredible whirl planes of water that completely cleans your clothes. 

Wash-drum Light 

The light causes you to see unmistakably what goes on inside the drum while your clothes are being washed. You will have the option to check whether any little material is absent from your clothes in the tub. 

Tub Dry Function 

The tub dry capacity is significant as it assists with thinking about your machine after use. It removes any buildup or particles that might be in the tub subsequent to taking off your clothes. It likewise flushes out any cleanser buildup from your clothes. 

Savvy Weight Sensor 

This in-fabricated sensor rapidly distinguishes when you are stacking the drum with clothes and demonstrates when it has arrived at its ability. It additionally consequently fills the drum with water and decides how much cleanser you should add to the clothes.


  • Voltage Protection
  • 3D Wash System


  • Low RPM
  • High Quantity of Water Use